Is your Fluorescent Cad Spray Glaze "Tips" Clogging?

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Helpful Tips for Using Cad Spray Glaze & FAQ’S

The glaze powder is heavy and quickly settles/separates from the liquid carrier. Prior to use and continually during use, shake the can thoroughly (10-15 times).

Position tip only about 4-6 inches from restoration. Depress the spray head completely down in short one second bursts. Usually 3-4 bursts are required per unit.

After use, turn can up side down and depress the spray head to clear any remaining glaze from the nozzle. This will help prevent future clogging of the tip.

After use store the can on its side (not upright) the heavy glaze powder will settle along the length of the can and will mix more quickly with the carrier when shaken before it is used again.


Why does my spray tip clog?

Powder is not mixed thoroughly with carrier and is too thick for the spray nozzle. See above OR the spray tip was not inserted correctly or all the way in.  

            TO INSERT TIP CORRECTLY:  Hold tip firmly near the insertion end, push and twist the tip at the same time into the nozzle until you hear a slight click.  This will help keep the product from building up around the base of the tip and clogging the airway.

 How do I unclog the tip?

Remove the spray tube nozzle and spray head from the can. Place in a small container with alcohol (not water) so that the grey tip is facing up. Place in an ultrasonic cleaner for about 30 seconds. Remove and blow dry air through the tip. Alcohol will dry faster eliminating residual moisture that can cause clogging.

Why do my crowns have a grey tint after glazing or look under glazed

The most common reason is that too much glaze has been applied. A light dusting application of the powder is all that is required. The glaze powder will not puddle or fill in detailed anatomy. The hold time should be 1 minute at high temperature or the firing temperature may not be high enough. See instructions

The second is that the furnace may have to be purged, removing any oxide build up in the muffle.

Why are my crowns turning black after glazing?

If stains have been applied, they must be dried prior to applying the Spray Glaze. Place by the open muffle door to dry. The wet stain liquid may react with the glaze powder resulting in a discoloration.

Why doesn’t my crown fit as well after glazing as it did before glazing?

Some glaze powder may have gotten inside the crown. To prevent this, use the Indenco VSP Refractory Putty inside the crown then insert a firing stand, this will protect the inside and provide a means of holding and rotating the crown during the application of the glaze. VSP Putty cleans out easily and leaves no residue. Use a fine tip, wet brush to wipe away excess glaze powder from margins before firing.

If you are in need of a new tip, please email us at with your concerns and your shipping address to send you a new tip. 

Thank you for your patronage! 

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