VSP Refractory Putty

VSP™ is an advanced high-heat resistant refractory material used for fabricating custom firing trays.  The material can be easily shaped and used with any type of porcelain or alloy. It is stable up to 1300°C (2375°F) and eliminates firing distortion and contamination.  No drying time is required. VSP™ does not expand when heated, and will not cause cracking or distortion.
VSP™ consistency easily fills the inside of crowns for extra stabilization during ceramic firing cycles.  Simply inject VSP™ into your crown, place on a firing peg, and fire! Once the firing cycle has completed, VSP™ is ‘pulled out,’ leaving a totally clean core. No sand blasting or additional clean-up is required.
VSP™ can supply the necessary support for repairs to cracked (pressable) ceramic cores or all-ceramic margins. It is excellent and quick for providing stabilization and support during soldering procedures and to hold platinum foil in place for casting and other repairs. It also functions as an excellent heat shield.
 VSP™ provides excellent support and internal protection when applying  Indenco’s Fluorescent CAD Spray Glaze to restorations.