Green State Zirconia Finishing Kit

The GS Green State Contour™ System provides a variety of instruments that offer a safe and efficient way to remove sprue connectors and contour your pre sintered zirconia restorations

Sprue Connector Removal
A Safe 2 Step Process After preliminary sprue/connector reduction is completed using our B501 silicone wheel, the technician should make final adjustments with the GS Contour 2 Step instrument GS100. This instrument should be used under loupes or a microscope at the very last adjustment point.

Anatomical Adjustments
Various anatomical adjustments can be made by using any of the ZHP diamonds or GS Green State Contour™ System instruments. You will find that making adjustments on your pre sintered restorations are simple and will save time.

ZHP Diamonds
Our 6 ZHP hand piece diamonds have a unique diamond shape and particle size. They provide a safe, gentle way to make subtle anatomical adjustments.

This 22 piece Master Green State Contour Kit Includes:
  • 2 GS100 Contour a 2 step “finessing tool” for making final adjustments.
  • 2 GS101 Contour Mini 2 step medium/ultra fine
  • 2 GS102 Contour Bullet 1 step - medium
  • 2 GS103 Contour Point 1 step - medium
  • 2 GS104 Knife Edge for contouring inter-proximal areas without chipping
  • 2 GS105 Maxi Contour 1 step - Ultra Fine White
  • 2 GS106 Contour Mini 1 step - Ultra Fine White
  • 1 HE Silicone Wheel # 501 for sprue and flash removal.
  • 1 HE Silicone Point # 504 for refining difficult areas
  • 6 Hand Piece Diamonds for anatomical adjustments. Each diamond is fine grit and has a unique particle shape for improved results.