Green State Contour System

Green State Contour System

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Our GS Green State Contour System instruments will allow you to gently contour your pre sintered restorations. The instruments are available in 5 shapes.

  • GS100 Contour a 2 step “finessing tool” for making final adjustments
  • GS101 Contour Mini 2 step medium/ultra fine
  • GS102 Contour Bullet 1 step - medium
  • GS103 Contour Point 1 step - medium
  • GS104 Knife Edge for contouring inter-proximal areas without chipping
  • GS105 Maxi Contour 1 step - Ultra Fine White
  • GS106 Contour Mini 1 step - Ultra Fine White
  • Silicone Wheel # 501 for sprue and flash removal
  • Silicone Point # 504 for refining difficult area

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