Scan Spray Stone (200ml)

Scan Spray Stone (200ml)

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The '2 in 1 Spray' spray for perfect model scanning and bubble-free casting.


1st Function: The finest scan spray on the market!

  • The special powder valve system produces a micro-thin uniform powder layer under 3 microns.
  • Saves time, dries instantly
  • Economical to use, 6.8 oz (200ml) can allows over 400 single tooth applications.

2nd Function: Bubble-free casting

  • The fine powder coating eliminated the surface tension on all elastomeric impression materials.
  • One short application without drying time produces superior, bubble-free models in seconds.
  • Non-alcohol based carrier dries quickly.
  • Pointed application nozzle with clogging free micro-tip reduces waste and improves application accuracy.