WOW Zirconia Polishing Paste

The Polish for Zirconia you have been looking for!   

A uniquely formulated paste developed just for polishing Zirconia.  
Enjoy a high surface polish in just a few quick moments. Nothing is faster than WOW to achieve the polished surface finish you are looking for.  WOW will not remove pre-fired stains or effect surface characterizations.

Not Messy! Polishes in seconds!!!!  TRY IT TODAY!

  • WOW-10 includes 10-gram WOW Zirconia Polish with a goat hair polishing brush
  • WOW-Kit includes 10-gram WOW Zirconia Polish, a goat hair polishing brush, and a fine diamond pre-polish Disc
  • WOW-Brush10 is a 10 pack of WOW goat hair polishing brushes