Universal Stains

Universal Fluorescent glaze powders and paste stains are self glazing and compatible with Zirconia and all dental ceramic materials. The CTE and unique formulation of these materials have been proven in use on millions of units of crown and bridge restorations. The fluorescent version is especially suitable for zirconia and lithium silicate restorations to provide excellent shade characteristics in all lighting conditions.


The coefficient of thermal expansion of the glazes matches perfectly with the coefficient of thermal expansion of zirconia.

Fig 1 shows the percentage of linear change of the two materials obtained from a dilatometric measurement during heating from 25ºC to about 500ºC. The curve of the glaze is slightly under the curve of the zirconia. During the glazing procedure the zirconia expands with the increase in temperature and the glaze melts, adhering to the surface of the restoration. During cooling the glaze material follows the same speed of contraction of the zirconia providing a final glazed restoration free of thermal stress, improving mechanical bonding and eliminating the problem of delamination. The glaze material also diffuses at the contact surface of the zirconia due to its specific formulation, improving bonding.

Indenco glaze has this tailored CTE for zirconia and lithium silicate restorations. However, even more conveniently, it works also with feldspathic porcelain crowns with less thermal stress after cooling compared with other glazes.