Casting Alloy, Ni-Be Free

ORION a "Hybrid Alloy" providing the safety, security, finishing and casting qualities of a noble alloy with the economy of a non-noble alloy.

ORION is Nickel, Beryllium, Gallium and Aluminum FREE.

ORION, when subjected to a "direct contact cytoxicity test" side by side with a 99.7% gold-containing alloy, exhibited the same or "zero reactivity" results.  See link below for test.

ORIONS unique grain structure produces razor sharp margins while exhibiting, casting finishing and polishing qualities comparable to noble alloys.

ORION actually puddles with ingots flowing together when melted.

ORION improves shade and esthetics. ORIONS "fusion bond" with opaque prevents the formation of additional oxides between metal and opaque during additional firings and glazing cycles. ORION does not require a degassing procedure.

ORION'S formulation allows the use of precious or the ORION , Nickel, Gallium and Beryllium-free base solder.

ORION, having a CTE of 14.2@ 500C is compatible with the vast majority of ceramic materials and will not discolor porcelains, even at the margins. Excellent for Press to Metal techniques as well.

"IDENTALOY" stickers are supplied with Orion Alloy


Why pay more for noble alloys with these features?

What some customers have said about the ORION "Hybrid Alloy":

"I have the confidence in recommending ORION to my doctors and my doctors are secure in knowing the alloy will not cause any reaction to their patients."

"ORION has given me an opportunity to now supply a base alloy, ceramic restoration that I was turning away to other labs."

"ORION has provided my technicians with a safer environment while increasing productivity."

Alloy Specifications:
Tensile Strength 100,000 psi
Yield Strength 74,000 psi
Elongation 6%
Hardness 305 hv
Density 8.5 g/cm(3)
Thermal Expansion
@500C 14.2 X 10(-6/c)
@600C 14.52 X 10(-6/c)
Chemistry: Co 61.25%, Cr 26.25%, Mo 6.25%, Tungsten 5.25%, Si 1%