Dentist Chairside Finishing Kits for Lithium Disilicate and Zirconia

Wanger Precision Rotary Instruments have developed and provided lab ceramists with unique rotary instruments specifically for use with the harder materials zircona and lithium disilicate for years. These instruments are now available in FG and RA design for chair-side use. The diamond particles are multi-layered and unique in shape. This unique shape provides safer, cooler and more effective cutting of the final restoration.

Our proprietary RedBerry, BlueBerry and GoldenBerry instruments are infused with a high concentration of uniquely cut diamond particles. RedBerry (Coarse) and BlueBerry (Medium) contour and shape aggressively, yet stay cool while leaving a super smooth surface. Our GoldenBerry, effortlessly creates a super high shine surface. We are certain you have never experienced a diamond tool that performs like these.

Our FG diamonds also offer a unique diamond shape that allows for a fast, safe final adjustment. Our CC8 and CC9 will effortlessly cut through a crown (extra oral).