Fluorescent Spray Glaze Low Fusing

The most cost effective, efficient method of glazing Ceramic, Zirconium, and Lithium-disilicate restorations.

Waste is significantly reduced and placement accuracy increased with the spray applicator head. An extremely thin and uniform coat of  SPRAY GLAZE can be accurately applied to individual or multiple restorations in only a few seconds. It will not fill in anatomy, maintaining the desired surface texture.  Restorations are stronger, preventing fluid penetration by sealing any surface fissures.  The fluorescence improves continuity of shade matching to natural teeth both under natural and artificial light sources that contain UV light rays.

Save time and eliminate a firing cycle. Stain and glaze at the same time! SPRAY GLAZE can be applied directly on set surface stains without running or bleeding of stains. Stain and Glaze at temperatures at low as 1346°F (730°C) - 1562°F (850°C). This improves esthetics by adding "depth" to shades.

A new, non-flammable propellant formula is safer and has a pleasant pine fragrance.

You can't apply a thinner, more uniform coat in less time without SPRAY GLAZE!

Available in 2 sizes  93g Large and 46g Small