Precision Liquid Dispensing System

Simplicity, accuracy and consistency are the key factors for this improved method of measuring and dispensing most liquids.

The Precision Liquid Dispensing System (PLDS) enables the user to accurately measure and dispense anywhere from 1ml to 35ml of most liquids.

The ability to consistently measure and dispense critical amounts of liquid greatly improves the quality of the finished product. Costly errors in measuring can be reduced or totally eliminated. The ability to easily identify the definitive amount of liquid desired reduces inconsistencies between various persons engaging in the same tasks.

The contents of each bottle can be easily identified by using the white, open space provided on the label to list its contents.

The System contains:
  • Instructions
  • 2 - 16oz. bottles
  • 2 - Adapter Dispensing Caps
  • 2 - 35ml syringes