Furnace for Staining & Glazing

The smallest programmable, staining and glazing furnace available. Ideal portability and small foot print for the technician or dentist to do in-office custom staining.  Simply select the desired temperature. The furnace automatically controls the muffle temperature  and  the rate of climb as programmed.

Honeycomb Tray Size: 55 x 55mm (2 ¼ x 2 ¼”), supplied with firing pin assortment.

Measures: 21cm (8 1/2") Wide x 17.8cm (7") Deep x 22cm (8 1/2") High
Weighs: 3.6kg (8lbs)
Volts: 110V / 50-60Hz
Watts: 600W
Max Temp: 1110 C (2012 F)